Whitley Pre-School Playgroup Ltd. 

Spencer Road, Whitley, Wigan, Wn12QR

Company Number: 10303422

   Telephone Number: 07745873043   Website www.whitleypre-school.uk

Whitley Pre-School Playgroup has been in operation for over 44 years. It is situated on the

outskirts of Wigan town centre and is open each week day from 08.50 to 02.50  during term

times. It operates from the church hall of Whitley Methodist Church. We are registered to take children aged from 2 years to 4 years. Parents can access 15 hours of government funding for children for the term after the child's third birthday. Parents that meet eligibility can access 30 hours government funding.  

We can also take 2 year old funded children for 15 hours free education entitlement  

Parent and carers toddler group is run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 9.30-11.30am term time for children with their parents from birth+ to stay and play. There is a small charge covering tea and coffee, juice and biscuits.

Whitley Pre-School Playgroups Mission Statement

Starting with each individual child we aim to achieve the highest possible standards. Ensuring every child is able to be appropriately challenged and to make achievements in all areas of development. Ensuring a positive self image and uniqueness. The staff, children and all people involved in the care and education of our children share in planning, learning and celebrating achievements for all.  

Our Aims through our Mission Statement are:-

·         To enhance the development and education of children aged from two to five years in a parent/carers partnership within a community based group.

·         To provide an individually tailored curriculum and individual learning journey for each child through the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ Curriculum.

·         To provide a safe, secure, stimulating and friendly environment with a key person and support key person system. Along with a high ratio of staff to child ratios

·         To work within a framework which ensures equality of opportunity for all children and families, that promotes anti discriminatory practice, and making provision for all children and families, encouraging inclusion.

·         To work within a framework which ensures children are kept safe from harm and that their welfare needs are met.

·         Our pre-school encourages respect for others, we encourage parental involvement in all aspect of our pre-school.

Our Promise to Children and Young People – The Pledge

The Pledge is more than a customer care policy. It provides a declaration to children and young people as to what they can expect from Whitley Pre-school Playgroup.

Our Promises are:-

·         We will always be friendly, listen to you and treat you with respect.

·         We will involve you in decisions we make about you .

·         We will help you to tell us what you think about the work we do and how it affects you.

·         We will ask you for you ideas when we change the way we work or plan to do new things.

·         We will expect our staff, and encourage everybody to be positive about children and young people and celebrate everything they achieve.

·         We will make it clear what you need to do if you feel we have got things wrong or have broken any of these promises.

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Awards and Programmes


Whitley Pre-School completes the ‘Let’s Get Brushin’ programme run through Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust – Active Living Team, promoting good oral health for all of our children and families.